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Non-Containerized Application Orchestration

Nomad's flexible workload support enables an organization to run containerized, non containerized, and batch applications through a single workflow. Nomad brings core orchestration benefits to legacy applications without needing to containerize via pluggable task drivers.


Non-Containerized Orchestration

Non-Containerized Orchestration

Deploy, manage, and scale your non-containerized applications using the Java, Qemu, or exec drivers.

Bin Packing

Improve Resource Utilization with Bin Packing

Improve resource utilization and reduce costs for non-containerized applications through Nomad’s bin-packing placements.

Zero Downtime Deployments

Zero Downtime Deployments

Apply modern upgrade strategies for legacy applications through rolling updates, blue/green, or canary deployment strategies.

Run On-Premise with Ease

Run On-Premise with Ease

Install and run Nomad easily on bare metal as a single binary and with the same ease as on cloud.

High Performance Batch Workloads

High Performance Batch Workloads

Run batch jobs with proven scalability of thousands of deployments per second via the batch scheduler.

When to consider Nomad Enterprise?

Open Source

Technical Complexity

Nomad Open Source addresses the technical complexity of workload orchestration across the cloud, on-prem, and hybrid infrastructure.

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Organizational Complexity

Nomad Enterprise addresses the complexity of collaboration and governance across multi-team and multi-cluster deployments.

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