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Automated Service Networking with Consul

Nomad natively integrates with Consul to provide automated clustering, built-in service discovery, and service mesh for secure service-to-service communications.


Automatic Clustering

Automatic Clustering

Automatically bootstrap Nomad clusters using existing Consul agents on the same hosts.

Automated Service Discovery

Automated Service Discovery

Built-in service discovery, registration, and health check monitoring for all applications deployed under Nomad.

Secure Service-to-Service Communication

Secure Service-to-Service Communication

Enable seamless deployments of sidecar proxies and segmented microservices through Consul Connect.

When to consider Nomad Enterprise?

Open Source

Technical Complexity

Nomad Open Source addresses the technical complexity of workload orchestration across the cloud, on-prem, and hybrid infrastructure.

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Organizational Complexity

Nomad Enterprise addresses the complexity of collaboration and governance across multi-team and multi-cluster deployments.

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