Cloud Auto-joining

As of Nomad 0.8.4, retry_join accepts a unified interface using the go-discover library for doing automatic cluster joining using cloud metadata. To use retry-join with a supported cloud provider, specify the configuration on the command line or configuration file as a key=value key=value ... string. Values are taken literally and must not be URL encoded. If the values contain spaces, backslashes or double quotes thenthey need to be double quoted and the usual escaping rules apply.

  "retry_join": ["provider=my-cloud config=val config2=\"some other val\" ..."]

The cloud provider-specific configurations are documented here. This can be combined with static IP or DNS addresses or even multiple configurations for different providers. In order to use discovery behind a proxy, you will need to set HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY and NO_PROXY environment variables per Golang net/http library.