volume Stanza

Placementjob -> group -> volume

The volume stanza allows the group to specify that it requires a given volume from the cluster.

The key of the stanza is the name of the volume as it will be exposed to task configuration.

job "docs" {
  group "example" {
    volume "certs" {
      type      = "host"
      source    = "ca-certificates"
      read_only = true

The Nomad server will ensure that the allocations are only scheduled on hosts that have a set of volumes that meet the criteria specified in the volume stanzas.

The Nomad client will make the volumes available to tasks according to the volume_mount stanza in the task configuration.

volume Parameters

  • type (string: "") - Specifies the type of a given volume. Currently the only possible volume type is "host".

  • source (string: <required>) - The name of the volume to request. When using host_volume's this should match the published name of the host volume.

  • read_only (bool: false) - Specifies that the group only requires read only access to a volume and is used as the default value for the volume_mount -> read_only configuration. This value is also used for validating host_volume ACLs and for scheduling when a matching host_volume requires read_only usage.